Accordian Pouch Cardholder

Album in a Box

Because I Care Gable Box Two-Sheet Wonder project

Backpack Cardholder (2/12)

Bamboo Spine Album

Basket with Handle

Bountiful Purse

Bountiful Purse w/cards 2012 (1/13)

BoxBag with Mini Notecards

Box Card

Butterflybox (4/14)

Eggholder (4/14)

Cannery Jar Treatholder (10/12)

Card Carrier(6/11)

Cardholder Bag

cardclutch17 (2/18)

Cello Bag Mini Notecard Holder

Circle Bag with Mini Notecards

Circle Bag and Notecards 2010 Version

Christmas Banner

dressupcardboxblog (7/13)

Double Notepads

Envelope Punchboard Multifacted Box (6/16)

Envelope Punchbiard Cup (6/16)

Envelope Punchboard Purse (6/16)

Flip Book Album

Flower box card Gift (2/15)

Ghiradelli Purse/Mini Gift Bag

Matchbook Style Treatholder (10/12)

Milk Carton Holder

Mini Card Carrier

Minipursewithcards2013blog (7/13)

Mini Tote with Notecards

Nugget Box/Cardtote

One Sheet Wonder Cards and Bag

One Sheet Wonder (Doubletime) Cardholder w/ 6 Coordinating Cards

Paper Pumpkins (10/12)

Pursebag with Notecards

Satchel Purse (6/15)

Scallop Circle Punch Hershey Nugget Holder

Scallop Envelope Box with Mini Notecards

SlattedBasket (3/16)

Small Coach Style Purse with Mini  Notecards

Square Box with Mini Notecards

Suitcase Cardholder (6/16)

Sweet Shop Suite Cardholders (6/12)

Strength & Hope Card Carrier (7/11)

Teabag & Cookie Holder (2/12)

Thankful Banner

Top Note Card Bag(6/11)

Top Note Box with Quilted Cards

Triangle Box/Bag Box